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Bevölkerungsscanner in San Francisco schon in Betrieb Jeder Bürger unter Tatverdacht, das ist das Prinzip von INDECT. ...Der automatische Bevölkerungsscanner soll überall im öffentlichen Raum wie auf...

December 2016 – Revista Regresion
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This territory consisted of fortified towns such as San Miguel, San Felipe, Sichú, San Luis, Rio Verde, and San Francisco. The Viceroy Velasco would order the attack on the savages with the aim of...

Geno Smith, Tim Tebow, Victor Cruz: Answers to Readers' Questions - The New York Times
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I think San Francisco prevails, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m totally wrong. Q. What type of offense is going to be the big fad this season: college type spread, no huddle, read option? Which one...

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